The Ayurvedic’s primary goal is to serve people around the Globe with quality content that will help them stay healthy naturally. We are always in search of incredible writers who has the power to change the world with the power of words. Nevertheless, we strongly believe in the quote “sharing is caring” and we think that everyone has something to share with the world. So we would like to invite you to join us in our mission and provide quality content to change people’s lives naturally.

Requirements to become a Writer

There is no compulsion of having experience of writing or blogging, but you must be knowledgeable about the topic you choose, enough to write original and quality content. Please be noted that only the applicants who fits into our criteria will be accepted. You can send us some of your sample writing in order to review them.

Important Points to consider:

  • You should write every article in your own words and style.
  • We hate plagiarism. Please keep in mind that only original and unpublished articles will be accepted.
  • Once your article has been published on the blog, it will belong to The Ayurvedic and you cannot republish it without our permission.
  • We have complete rights to remove any of the article, that doesn’t fits into our criteria without telling the reasons.
  • Your article must be share worthy
  • It should solve our readers problem or make them knowledgeable about some new topic or product
  • Sorry if your article does not get published for any reasons.

If you believe that you are the one, who has all the above qualities, then what are you waiting for?
Just shoot an email at us with the following details:

  1. Your introduction.
  2. Your skills or expertise
  3. Tells us the topics you are passionate about.
  4. Tell us about the articles you are willing to write for us.

We look forward to see your articles change people’s lives.


If we liked your articles and saw a passion in it to help people we can even hire you.