Alive Forever: Music Film by Yoga Icon Wai Lana (Official Global Edition)

alive forever wai lana – “Alive Forever” is a song written and performed in this beautiful short film by internationally-renowned yoga teacher & icon Wai Lana.
Set in scenes from big city parks to ocean beaches and cherry tree orchards, people of all ages from all walks of life grapple with the sadness and fear of growing old.
“Alive Forever” shares the ancient yoga wisdom expressed as “Aham Brahmasmi”—I am the eternal spiritual being, I am not my body, and I will not die when my body dies.
This sweet and inspiring short film and the lovely “Alive Forever” warms the heart in its simple message that has the power to free us all from the fear of aging.
As Wai Lana sings, we can all be peaceful and happy knowing that we need not be afraid of getting old, as the true self is ever-youthful and ever-lasting.
alive forever wai lana
Song Lyrics

By Wai Lana

Looking in the mirror every day
I frown I stress and I worry
Oh time you have no mercy
You wilt my body, you sadden my heart

Nothing can make me young again
More wrinkles lining my face
Hair turning grey
But the soul remains un-changed

Aham Brahmasmi
Aham Brahmasmi
Aham Brahmasmi

Don’t be afraid of getting old
The true self is ever youthful
And everlasting

Knowing I am not the body
I am at ease
Praise for my looks I do not need

Living my life with true meaning
Knowing that I am spirit soul
I glide through life with inner peace
In time my body will cease to be

Mother earth herself will also age
There is no cause for worry
Eternal we hold pure love in our hearts

So happy to know life has no end
Calm is my mind and at peace
My Lords love shines everywhere
Alive forever I the soul will be

Aham Brahmasmi
Aham Brahmasmi
Aham Brahmasmi

Aham Brahmasmi
Aham Brahmasmi
Aham Brahmasmi
Aham Brahmasmi

Aham Brahmasmi

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